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  • "The dedication says this is for my mother who taught me that the etymology of the word “essay” was “to try.” When my mom taught me that I think it really gave me a sense of permission, that the essay as a basic form was about these little attempts. I think in my grownup years I had thought the essay form was about knowingness. I know something, I’ll write an essay about it. And thinking about the essay as a form of unknowing, as an attempt, was liberating for me."
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  • a theatre company, a website, some work. so it continues.

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  • "Look, it’s really quite simple. Pursuing the questions which art provokes is a long-term activity that necessarily needs to be free of short-term measures and rewards. In order to maintain a natural balance and continuously develop the ability to make reasoned observations and decisions, it is necessary that you take very good care of yourself, since you are the crux of it all. I’m always very kind to myself. I indulge myself in lots of ways. I give myself lots of free time. I allow myself lots of room for mistakes and contradictions. And I spend a lot of time entertaining my personal fantasies and playing the games I enjoy. I don’t let money questions get to me. It’s just a matter of good health."
    Robert Irwin, in Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees
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  • "Be relentless without being obnoxious. Be ambitious, and own your ambition—that goes especially for women. It’s okay to say, ‘I want greatness.’"

    A conversation with the wonderful Roxane Gay on The Great Discontent. The above calls to mind Debbie Millman’s memorable advice to “imagine immensities.”

    Previous TGD interviews have included Debbie MillmanAustin KleonJohn Maeda, and yours truly.

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  • But if there’s no such thing as safety, if there ain’t no guarantee

    Maybe the coast is just as clear as it is ever gonna be”

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  • "Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence."
    Barbara Marciniak   (via afrometaphysics)

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  • "First, from the point of view of the calculus of presence, he began trying to strip his canvases of any gestures that we’re arbitrary or superfluous; only the necessary gesture could command an immediate presence."
    Lawrence Weschler on the artist Robert Irwin, in SEEING IS FORGETTING THE NAME OF THE THINGS ONE SEES
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  • "As a matter of fact, I don’t think art needs that sort of justification. You can’t wait until everybody is fed before you begin art. What happens is that they’re hungry and they’re starved for art."
    Tom Stoppard (from Mel Gussow’s Conversations with Stoppard)
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